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With over 23 years of experience in international tax and business law, we are committed to providing excellent results-driven taxation-related legal services, including the following:

  • Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

    • Our services include tax planning for persons immigrating to the United States in an effort to minimize their US taxes and avoid legal issues. 
  • Taxation of US AlienS

    • Even if you are not a US citizen or a permanent resident, you may have US tax obligations.
    • We can help you in determining your tax status according to IRS classifications and provide you with legal guidance to prevent costly mistakes. 
  • US Federal Taxes When Living/Working or Having Assets Abroad

    • If you are a US taxpayer who lives and works overseas, or have assets overseas, you have specific US tax issues that must be considered. 
    • We can assist you with foreign assets and income reporting to the IRS and proper tax planning in these situations that can be very beneficial. Our goal is minimizing US tax burden while being in full compliance with current tax code and regulations.