We represent businesses and individuals throughout the United Stated and worldwide. Whether you have legal matters involving immigration to the United States or US taxation, you can always count on our experienced legal advice and representation. We are committed to helping you resolve all of your legal issues effectively.

Our office can handle everything from pre-immigration tax planning to challenging immigration situations. United States tax matters can be confusing for foreign persons temporarily or permanently residing in the US, and we can help make them clear. 

Foreign nationals with US connections may also be impacted by US tax issues and can benefit from our services. Purchasing US real estate property, investing in US securities, selling goods or providing services in the US, and a variety of personal and/or family situations can create such connections, and we can provide expert advise to deal with all of the above.

We provide international tax planning for foreign nationals who have invested or wish to invest in the United States. We handle US Federal Income Tax issues involving activities of foreign taxpayers in the United States and US taxpayers living and working abroad, and we focus on ways of minimizing the US taxes while avoiding legal issues with respect thereto.

Licensed both in the United States and in Russia, with a Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation from University of Washington School of Law, Elena V. Yushkina at Yushkin Law Office, PLLC is a US Immigration and Tax Attorney with more than 23 years of experience in the legal field. More than 10 years ago she successfully petitioned her own case under the visa category H-1B and became a US citizen. Since then she has helped many foreign nationals obtain permanent residence and realize their American dreams.


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